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Dr. Keith Nussbaum
Your Albany Chiropractor

  • "When I first saw Dr. Nussbaum I was in a great deal of pain. He got me back on my feet in a relatively short amount of time. In the years since then he has helped me maintain good health, not only through treatments but through exercises I can do at home. I would, and have, recommended him to others."
    Judith, Albany
  • "I can’t imagine where I would be without Dr. Nussbaum. I tried everything; acupuncture, massage therapy, pills, without any relief. Spinal decompression recommended by Dr. Nussbaum was the answer. I am now pain free and have my life back; I am able to be active, exercise, play sports; all because all because of Dr. Nussbaum. I always recommend him to anyone needing the same relief."
    Mary B. Morrisey, Loudonville
  • "When I first came to Dr. Nussbaum I could hardly stand the pain in my back. I honestly didn’t know what I would do! But, after just a few treatments my back was like new again! Thanks Dr. Keith!"
    Debbie Leis, Albany
  • "Doctor Keith has been my doctor for a long time. He is the only doctor I trust. He is honest and is always there to help me. His office is very friendly and clean. Keith Nussbaum I would recommend to a lot of people he is great."
    Theresa J., Albany
  • "Hello my name is Jason Alston who had very bad back pain. When I met Keith he brought me back to a 100%. I can play with my children now, and before I couldn’t even bend. Now I’m at my best because of Keith and he will always be my friend. Whoever got bad back pain Keith is the truth."
    Jason Alston, Albany
  • "Hi my name is Lynn Catizone. I have been a patient of Dr. Nussbaum’s for 8 years. I’ve had back problems since the birth of my second son. I am now on maintenance and have never felt better. Dr. Nussbaum is the best. I would never trust another chiropractor with my back problems."
    Lynn Catizone, Loudonville
  • "Dr. Nussbaum helped me tremendously after I had a bad car accident. When I started going to him I could not turn my neck to the left at all and my neck made constant cracking noises. I now have complete range of motion in my neck and the noises are gone! Keith has a great rapport with his patients and is very engaging. I highly recommend him!"
    Ginger Gunter, Valatie
  • "Dr. Keith has been a great help treating my back/shoulder. His help enabled me to enjoy a long awaited vacation where a great deal of walking was required."
    Pat J., Albany
  • "My children and I have been seeing Dr. Keith for quite some time and he has helped us all so much. Through his adjustments we have experienced a great relief from pain. He has been patient with me as I have asked him to adjust almost every joint in my body. I highly recommend Dr. Keith for friendly help with any aches and pains. His office staff is great, too."
    Lisa, Averill Park
  • "Dr. Keith and I met for about five months and it has done me a world of good. He is an awesome chiropractor and his office and staff made me feel so welcome. I would recommend him and his practice to anyone."
    Denise, Hoosic Valley
  • "Dr. Keith and I met through another doctor, and I want to say I was always skeptical of chiropractors, but since I have met Dr. Nussbaum my opinion has changed. He is great at what he does and has helped me greatly. He really knows his business and is a great person. I would recommend him to anyone!"
    Jim, Waterford
  • "Dr. Keith is by far the best chiropractor I’ve seen over the past 20 years. His staff is always friendly and willing to help with any matter. Dr. Nussbaum is always in good spirits and a genuine, very nice doctor to deal with. Currently one of his staff is going above and beyond the call of duty for me. She is trying to get my insurance to pay for a procedure I need. To sum up the honest truth is there is no better chiropractor to see anywhere."
    Sean, Albany
  • "Dr. Keith Nussbaum has helped me tremendously with my back. Was a very good chiropractic office, very clean, and very nice, friendly staff. They are also very easy to reset appointments as early as the same day."
    Amanda, Cohoes
  • "Dr. Nussbaum is an incredible chiropractor. He has helped me recover from numerous sports injuries and I always leave his office in a great mood because of his infectious positivity. He genuinely cares about all of his patients and his staff is always willing to go the extra mile to help their patients."
    Kerry, Slingerlands
  • "I have been coming to this office for the past several months. I don’t believe I have ever been to another office where they are so willing to work with you and are so flexible with times and visits. I feel so welcome and comfortable whenever I am here. It’s almost like a second family here."
    Sergio, Watervliet
  • "I have a very physical job as a paramedic and firefighter. My visits have eliminated my pain and made my job possible again."
    Jon, Colonie
  • "Keith goes the extra mile as far as getting you in even if the office is packed."
    Tracy, Watervliet
  • "I was always nervous about going to a chiropractor, but Keith is the best and my back is in much better shape now. I suggest everyone should try him. Very good looking also, yeah!!"
    Donna, Latham
  • "I had a very bad pinched nerve in my back and leg and after 4 weeks of treatment I am feeling great. I was not even able to walk, I am back to doing everything I was able to do before I was injured. I am extremely happy with my results. Thanks Dr. Keith."
    Mike, Albany
  • "I had never been to a chiropractor before, I have to tell you that this really works. I used to have chronic neck and back pain, it felt like huge knots. Massages helped, but not long term, since I have been having regular adjustments I feel and sleep so much better, best thing I could have done!"
    Steve, Cohoes
  • "Dr. Keith is a very caring individual. I visit his office once a week for an adjustment. These adjustments to my arthritic neck and back keep me functioning with less pain. I am able to play golf, do things outside, and take care of my grandchildren. My life is much better with these adjustments."
  • "Dr. Keith, what can I say- I was a skeptic! I didn’t think going to a chiropractor would help me. I was completely wrong! I feel great after every visit. Keith is professional and has a terrific personality. He is easy to talk to and is great to everyone in his office. His staff is terrific too!"
    Nicole Hannan, Wynantskill
  • "Dr. Keith, I didn’t really think chiropractic was an effective treatment, however, I am a believer now. Thanks so much Keith for the treatments, they have truly helped me."
  • "I’ve been coming to Dr. Nussbaum on and off for the last four years. He’s a great Dr. right from the start, his personality, he makes you feel comfortable. Best of all, he makes you feel better after walking out. I recommend him to everyone."
    Cindy, Troy
  • "Dr. Keith is the best. I have been coming to him for over 12 years. Whenever I need his care I have never been disappointed. I am a pilot and often I am unable to schedule an appointment, so I often come to the office without notice. Dr. Keith has always made time for me. If you need chiropractic care, I recommend Dr. K. Nussbaum. You will not have to wait and his staff is most pleasant. Walk straight, see Dr. Keith."
    Capt. Thomas Gates, Hyannis, MA
  • "Dr. Keith Nussbaum has helped me greatly over the 15 years that I have come here. He has treated me for numerous ailments and sufferings. Dr. Keith takes a real interest in his patients and really cares. Dr. Keith has a great personality. He is a great guy who takes a total interest in his patients. Without Dr. Keith I would have had prolonged sufferings that could have went on for years. Dr. Keith and I have become good friends and I have attended his children’s sporting events on many occasions. Dr. Keith is just an amazing guy and I hope he continues to be a chiropractor for many years to come."
    Paul, Colonie
  • "Dr. Keith is the BEST. He helped me recover from a bad horseback riding accident. He is very concerned and takes a great interest in his patients. I have never had a doctor with such a great interest in his patients. Even though I have fully recovered from my injury, I will continue to come here because seeing him has made me feel so much better. Him and his staff are all so friendly and kind! Love them, best chiropractor ever!"
    Taylor, Colonie



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